Official English Danmei Translations

  • This list was last updated: March 2023.

  • The ISBNs are always for the first volume's paperback ISBN if a paperback exists. If there is no paperback, the isbn is for the first ebook in the series. Almost all retailers allow searching via ISBN, so just punt those numbers into the search bar.

  • N/A = Not Announced.

  • This list is maintained by Florence (found on mastodon and tumblr) in his free time. If you know of an officially licensed English translation for a danmei novel that's not on this list, please let Florence know (with links to announcements/websites).

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Via lactea

The Missing PieceKun Yi Wei LouEbook19781005790790Jan 28, 2021
Salad DaysJing Shui BianEbook + paperback29781005050405Nov 29, 2021
Lip and SwordJin Shisi ChaiEbook39780463470428Apr 21, 2022
Soul VibrationDr.SoloEbook39781774083697Jan 12, 2023
Rose and Renaissance*Zhi ChuPaperback49781774083581Apr 13, 2023
Silent HeartsJing Shui BianPaperback19781774082188dec 5, 2022
DawningICEPaperback39781774083352May 15, 2023
LimerenceJiang Zi BeiPaperback19781774083444Apr 15, 2023

* note: there are 2 versions of Rose and Renaissance up for purchase on BD, Amazon, etc. The one I've linked to is the correct version, as confirmed by Via Lactea's staff on the official discord. If you're unsure if you're buying the correct version, double-check that the ISBN matches the copy for sale on their website.note 2: ViaLactea urges you not to order any pre-order items from retailers until the official publication date, as you may get an incorrect version.

Peach Flower House

Golden TerraceCang Wu Bin BaiPaperback29781956609974Nov 15, 2022
Little MushroomShisiebook + Paperback29781736500989Apr 27, 2022
University of the UnderworldZiloiEbook19781956609950Oct 31, 2022
In The DarkJin Shisi Chaiebook + paperback3N/AJuly-Set, 2023
Peach Blossom DebtDa Feng Gua Guoebook + paperbackN/AN/AAug 22, 2023
The Immortal UncleDa Feng Gua Guoebook + paperbackN/AN/AOct 23, 2023

Seven Seas Entertainment

Thousand AutumnsMeng Xi Shiebook + paperbackN/A9781638589327Mar 14, 2023
GuardianPriestebook + paperbackN/A9781638589365Aug 8, 2023
Stars of ChaosPriestebook + paperbackN/A9781638589310Jul 11, 2023
The Husky & His White Cat ShizunRou Bao Bu Chi Rouebook + paperbackN/A9781638589297Nov 15, 2022
Heaven Official’s BlessingMo Xiang Tong Xiuebook + paperback8978164827917114 Dec, 2021
Grandmaster of Demonic CultivationMo Xiang Tong Xiuebook + paperback5978164827919514 Dec, 2021
The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving SystemMo Xiang Tong Xiuebook + paperback4978164827921814 Dec, 2021
Case File CompendiumRou Bao Bu Chi Rouebook + paperbackN/A9781685797720Jan 2, 2024
Remnants of FilthRou Bao Bu Chi Rouebook + paperbackN/A9781685794675Apr 25, 2023


From Body To LoveWan Wan Yi XiaDigital
Intoxicated FriendsYe Shu Yingdigital
Records of the Dragon FollowerYueren GeDigital
Deep in the ActTongziDigital + ebook
Reborn into a Hamster for 233 DaysYi ShuDigital + ebook
Urban Tales of Demons & SpiritsQie ErDigital + ebook
The Long Chase For The President’s SpouseThree Thousand Crow LanguageDigital
Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal AssistantWhy RadianceDigital


The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!Mo Shang Wangdigital
My Boyfriend Is A DragonChubby Strawberry Saucedigital
Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love StoryDemonic Firedigital


Desharow MermanShen Haipapberback3N/A